An innovative specially-designed low cost schoolwear range of blazers, skirts, trousers and pinafores to suit every pocket!

The SIMPLYSMART blazer - a highly affordable, quality alternative to cheap, quick-fix, shabby budget blazer and a cheaper blazer to the top of the range garments which some parents just can’t afford.

Here’s why SIMPLYSMART ticks all the essential quality and tight budget boxes:

  • SIMPLYSMART incorporates our innovative Smartsleeve - the only lower cost blazer combining regular and long sleeve options without the need for sewing.
  • Superior trims - helps keep its shape and lasts longer.
  • Heavyweight fabric ensuring greater longevity.
  • Strong interior zipped pocket for heavy electronic items protecting the lining from splitting.

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Leon Black Elasticated-Trouser Trouser Grey Falesia Black Pinafore Tunic Elasticated Skirt
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