Sourcing of Uniforms

Whether it’s a polyester twill blazer made for a prominent Academy or a wool tweed blazer made for a leading Independent School the same high quality fabrics, trims and garment factories are used.

Our uniforms are mostly manufactured in Europe with intrinsic ethical labour laws – Children wear our garments, they don’t make them.

For garments manufactured elsewhere we choose ethical partners with a strong emphasis on garment quality and product consistency.

Close relationships with our supplier partners means reliability, responsiveness, garment quality and flexibility – you get want YOU want, not what a Far-East factory wants you to have.

Garment factories are chosen for their expertise in making those garments. Our long tradition of tailoring allows us to choose and work closely with our supplier partners adhering to strict manufacture and trim specifications.

Our high use of UK & European Fabrics, lining and trim ensure wearer comfort and durability - Pupils’ grow-out of our uniforms, they don’t wear them out.