Service Options

Our Service offering is as flexible and broad as our product offering. We have 5 main services, but each one can be adapted to the schools' own needs

School Colours Direct

For schools that want all the benefits of having the highest quality schoolwear in the UK and want a supplier to run an online service direct to the parents. Call us today to find out why your parents will find our e-tail service easy to use, reliable and convenient. An example of one of our online webshops can be seen by clicking the logo below:

School Colours Direct Logo

For Parents Ordering from School Colours Direct, please go to your schools’ own website page for uniform where you will find a link to our webshop.

Complete Shop

Supply in bulk to a full school shop run by and at the school with all the benefits of convenience for the parents and pupils.

Serviced Shop

For Schools that want a shop but have limited space. A small stock is kept at the school topped-up from the main stock held in our warehouse.

Remote Shop

For schools that want to control the uniform themselves but have no room for the stock. Pupil packs are distributed from our warehouse to the school from stock held in our warehouse. Parents orders can come from the schools’ own website in conjunction with their cashless provider.

Supply to Local Retailers:

For Schools who want supply through a local retailer we will work with their local shop to ensure consistent and reliable garment supply.